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That's how Twinkle Little Ones begins...

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The philosophy of Twinkle Little Ones corporate is -

“Pursuing the Finest Infant and Baby Products with LOVE”. 


When you love your babies, you go extra miles to look for the best quality products for them. Twinkle Little Ones continuously searches for the finest products for your loved little ones, and we only select products with best features of comfort, hygiene, function, durability, and fashion. Our finest products can protect new-born babies, and support moms and dads watch over the healthy growth and caring of their babies together. 

With above commitment, Twinkle Little Ones has teamed up exclusively with Akachan no Shiro (Baby Castle Co. Japan), to launch their premium baby products in Singapore.


Baby Castle products are 100% made in Japan with supreme quality

Baby Castle manufactures their products solely within Japan. Their specialised staff manufacture the products and perform stringent quality control in the company. They ensure all the procedures of manufacture, including planning, designing, sewing and producing, are performed flawlessly to achieve highest standards worldwide.

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Baby Castle products are excellent in heat retention, moisture absorption, and water absorption which are based on natural materials and with a soft and comfortable texture specially for babies' delicate skin. Baby Castle products have already been evaluated for its high quality, reliability and safety. The company was certified in year 2001 with ISO9001, a global quality management standard, recognising their supreme maintenance in their product quality and customer satisfaction.

Sold at Departmental Stores Nationwide in Japan

Baby Castle products are now being sold at more than 120 famous  department stores in Japan (Including Daimaru, Isetan and Takashimaya), and baby specialty and online stores worldwide, and have been greatly admired by moms and dads not only to their high-quality products but also to their cute designs.

Introduction to Akachan no Shiro (Baby Castle)

Baby Castle, one of a few prestigious domestic companies in Japan, specialises in Layette products including bedding and clothing for infants and babies. The Company was established in 1970, starting as a bedding manufacturer and it is now celebrating its 50th Anniversary!

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100% Made in Japan

Safe, Reliable, Comfort, Confident


Akachan no Shiro products are all Made in Japan to assure its quality and to meet the highest standards.​

Formaldehyde Free

Fluorescence Free

Azo Dyes Not Used

No Colour Fading

After Wash Shrinkage Minimised

Stringent Quality Control from material selection, design and sewing.

Akachan no Shiro is a company specialised in baby bedding and clothing products since 1970.

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Kids Design Awards

Baby Castle was awardee of the Kids Design Awards in years of 2016 and 2017. 

These awards recognised Baby Castle products Safety, Comfort and Creativity.

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Baby Castle Products Being Trusted by Japanese Hospitals


In addition, their products are highly graded and are being used in many obstetrics, gynaecology and university hospitals in Japan.

Akachan No Shiro Headoffice

Akachan no Shiro (Baby Castle Japan) is Proudly Distributed Exclusively by Twinkle Little Ones in Singapore.