Infant Travel Cradle

Whether you are a grandparent with newborn grandkid, who visit from time to time or the parent in a family that loves to travel who wants your infant to Sleep in comfort, Play on a portable mat or setting up as a mobile Diaper Changing Station. Akachan no Shiro (Baby Castle) Infant Travel Cradle is a great choice with finest quality and multi-functions that meeting the needs for your precious newborn.


Sleep & Play Everywhere

Let your baby sleep with comfort and play in peace anywhere

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Portable Cot

Approx size: 72cm (L) x 38cm (W) x 25cm (H)


Parents are busy and always on the move to get things done.  Our beautifully designed portable travel cot are easy to carry and comfortable for babies.

Use it as a Portable Cot anywhere you go - Bring it to their grandparent's house, while on holiday or let him sleep while you are enjoying your coffee or meal at cafe.


Bring it along when you are out and about!

* Recommended safety usage upto 4 months old or until your baby able to turn or roll. Please follow usage instructions.


Folded approx size: 70cm (L) x 47cm (W)

Light Weight: Approx. 3kg


Light, Compact, Convenient for taking out.

When folded, It can be compactly carry or store away.

Strong Handles.png

Strong & Robust

Handles made with Strong & Robust material.


Detailed Design

Handles reinforced with Velcro + Buttons mechanism to improve safety.

Side Storage

Pockets on both sides to store small items.


* Toy not included ^_^

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Hand Washable

Always clean! Always nap comfortably and play safely.

* Colour and design pattern different depending on specific model. 

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100% Made in Japan

Safe, Reliable, Comfort, Confident


Akachan no Shiro products are all Made in Japan to assure its quality and to meet the highest standards.​

Formaldehyde Free

Fluorescence Free

Azo Dyes Not Used

No Colour Fading

After Wash Shrinkage Minimised

Stringent Quality Control from material selection, design and sewing.

Akachan no Shiro is a company specialised in baby bedding and clothing products since 1970.


Infant Travel Cot Collection

Our Infant Travel Cot feathers the following purposes:

Nap Mat

Portable Cot

Changing Mat

Duvet Cover


Play Mat