Portable Napping Set

Whether you are a grandparent with grandkids, who visit from time to time or the parent in a family that loves to travel who wants your kid to sleep in comfort, or parent who want the kids to sleep well in childcare. Akachan no Shiro (Baby Castle) Portable Napping Set is a great choice for temporary bedding for a little sleeper.


Good Nap = Happy Child

So they can enjoy their evening with you.

Baby Napping on Travel Mattress Set

For travel

After a  day of fun, the child need good rest even when they are traveling.

Recommended Age Group: Can be used up to 6 years old.

Washer & Dryer

Mattress - Machine Washable

Approx size: 120cm (L) x 70cm (W) x 3cm (H)

The mattress can get dirty easily but it is machine wash friendly.

Always clean! Always nap comfortably well.

* Please refer to the fabric caring instructions for details.

Duvet - Hand Washable

Approx size: 115cm (L) x 85cm (W)


This portable duvet is light and warm.

It can be hand wash when dirty.

Travel Duvet for Kids

Duvet Cover Zip Fastener

The zip fastener is durable.

It is covered by fabric and avoid causing irritation to your kid's sensitive skin.

Duvet Cover - 100% Cotton

Approx size: 117cm (L) x 87cm (W)

The cover of the duvet is made by 100% cotton.

Manufactured reliably in Japan with stringent standards.

Which is gentle and safe on your baby's skin.

Portable Duvet Cover Zipping.jpg

Duvet Corners Fastener

Design to details.

The duvet is firmly in place and avoid shifting when the duvet is tied to the corners of its cover by fasteners.

Carrying Bag for Travel

Height: Approx. 151cm

Light Weight: Approx. 1.8kg

Light, Compact, Convenient for taking out.

Take it to day-care nursery.

Take it to grandparents house.

Travelling around.

Each set comes with exclusive bag, with long-string, so you can hold it on your arm or shoulder.

* Colour and design pattern different depending on specific model. 




Fabric - 100% cotton

Padding -100% polyester (Approx. 300g) for Air-Conditioned Environment. 



Fabric - 100% cotton

Padding - 100% polyester



Fabric - 100% cotton

Pillow Content - 100% Styrofoam 

Portable Mat Set QC.jpg

100% Made in Japan

Safe, Reliable, Comfort, Confident


Akachan no Shiro products are all Made in Japan to assure its quality and to meet the highest standards.​

Formaldehyde Free

Fluorescence Free

Azo Dyes Not Used

No Colour Fading

After Wash Shrinkage Minimised

Stringent Quality Control from material selection, design and sewing.

Akachan no Shiro is a company specialised in baby bedding and clothing products since 1970.


Baby Castle Collection

Our Portable Napping Set comes with:


Mattress Cover


Duvet Cover


Pillow Cover

Dedicated Carrying Bag