A futon made in Japan that can always be used cleanly and comfortably, using materials that touch the skin and sewing. Bright pastel check with motif of bear and rabbit, koala is recommended for both boys and girls.


[Middle core] Polyester cotton, which is light and has excellent heat retention, and is the most popular material for baby futon.


[Mattress] The best mattress for baby, eco hall sand mat (high-performance three-layer structure). It has excellent breathability and can sleep comfortably even for babies who sweat more than adults. It also supports the spine firmly with moderate hardness.


● 100% cotton (double gauze / bread cover only)

● Hanging core: 100% polyester

● Sill core: Eco Hall Sand Mat

● Pillow: Contents Expanded polystyrene


● Hanging cover about 125 × 100cm -Hanging core about vertical 125 × width 100 cm

● mattress about 120 × 70 × 7cm

● Pillow about 22 × 36cm

● Sheets about 120 × 70cm


Made in Japan

Baby Duvet Set - Colourful Patter

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