Infant Sleep Play Mat Cradle Set 


Akachan no Shiro made "Infant Sleep Play Mat Cradle Set" as requested by many parents!


This product can be functioned as 

1. Sleeping Cradle - Use it as a Portable Cot anywhere you go - Bring it to their grandparent's house, while on holiday or let him sleep while you are enjoying your coffee or meal at cafe. Bring it along when you are out and about!

2. Napping Mattress - Your baby can nap on its mattress.

3. Diaper Changing Station - You can conveniently change your baby diaper wherever you travel. Just open the zip on the bottom.

4. Play Mattress - Just open it up, your baby can play and move on the spacious mattress.

5. Carrying Bag - It's foldable. Once you fold it, it can be carried as bag.

This is made by selected cotton and very comfortable soft touch mattress.


The bag is washable to maintain cleaniess at all time.


It can be used by men and women with cute printed patterns lined with small pattern such as animals and toys.


Colour Scheme: Ivory



Made in Japan


Please click our Infant Travel Cradle page for detailed introduction.

Infant Sleep Play Mat Cradle Set - Toys Pattern

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$600.00 Regular Price
$480.00Sale Price
  • Body: Approx. 38 x 72 x 25 (H) cm
    When folded as Carrying Bag: Approx. 70 x 47cm 
    When using as Play Mattress: about 95 × 110cm