Jinbei Romper - Pink Fan Pattern


This Romper-type garment uses "Chiimi Takashima" 「高島ちぢみ」, which has excellent sweat absorption and a soft feel.


A front-opening type that makes it easy to change clothes even when lying down.


Its bright and gentle colour scheme and pattern enhances the baby's expression.


Not only for everyday use, but also for going out.


This is excellent for Summer climate.


吸汗性にすぐれ、さらっとした肌触りの「高島ちぢみ」を使用したウェアです。グリーンの涼しげな色合いの1枚です。 普段使いはもちろんお出かけにも。夏に大活躍のアイテムです。


Jinbei Romper - Pink Fan Pattern

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  • 50-70cm