"Baby Travel Set" is a set that emphasizes lightness that can be easily carried.


This mini mattress set comes with a carrying bag. Ideal for travelling, carrying to nap at childcare / nursery school.


The "washable mattress" is easy to clean.


* Duvet cover made without zip openning, duvet cannot be taken out.


It can be used for child upto 6 years old.


Our Portable Napping Set comes with:


Mattress Cover


Duvet Cover


Pillow Cover

Dedicated Carrying Bag


Made in Japan

Portable Napping Set - Baby Pastel

SKU: 0428
  • Mattress approx. 120 × 70 x 3cm

    Duvet approx. 115 × 85 cm wide

    Duvet Cover approx. 117 × 87 cm

    Pillow approx. 22.5 × 35.5cm


    Approx. 1.8kg