Reusable Face Mask with Advanced Technology For Adults


Akachan no Shiro (Baby Castle) has researched and developed their Reusable Face Masks for both kids and adults to be used in Summer (Hot and Humid) Climate. The masks are made using Outlast® Technology, originally developed for NASA, to regulate your skin at comfortable temperature. The material has also obtained Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX® Certification, to certify its high product safety.


Our masks are Safe, Comfort and Made in Japan by a professional textile manufacturer which has established since 1970.


To find out more details about this mask please refer to our Reusable Face Mask page.


* Recommended Maximum Usage / Washing = 30 Times.

Reusable Face Mask For Adults

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  • Approx. 13cm (H1) x 7.5cm (H2) x 12cm (L)