Summer Goza Mat with Blanket - Printed in Classic Akachan no Shiro Bears Pattern


The surface of the mat uses Yatsushiro rush of Kumamoto Prefecture.


Cushioned cotton is sandwiched between the Mat for a soft and comfortable sleep.


As it is made through a special process, its surface feels smoother than conventional rush.


The blanket is made from untwisted yarn, which is characterized by being fluffy and soft.


The rush is naturally scented and it's said to have a relaxing effect.


Domestically grown "Igusa" (い草), which has three times the sweat absorption capacity of cotton, promotes your baby a more comfortable sleep through summer.


It can be folded so it doesn't take up space and easily stored.


Age Group: 6 Months +


Made in Japan



Summer Set Goza Mat (Bamboo Mat) - Classic Akachan no Shiro Bears Pattern

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  • Goza Mat: Approx. 120 × 70 x 1.3cm
    Blanket: Approx. 65 × 85cm