Reusable Face Masks
with Advanced Technology

Akachan no Shiro (Baby Castle) has researched and developed their Reusable Face Masks for both kids and adults to be used in Summer (Hot and Humid) Climate. The masks are made using Outlast® Technology, originally developed for NASA, to regulate your skin at a comfortable temperature. The material has also obtained Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX® Certification, to certify its high product safety.

Our masks are Safe, Comfort, and 100% Made in Japan by a professional textile manufacturer which has established since 1970.


Safe, Comfort, Reliable, Finest Quality Assurance, 100% Made in Japan

Made by a professional textile manufacturer established since 1970.

Reusable and Washable Face Masks Designed for Adults

Reusable and Washable Face Masks Designed for Kids

Good Quality

Loved by Many

The masks are produced by Baby Castle Co. selected Gauze materials which has been used on their newborn baby products. Their quality and comfort standards have long been admired by newborn babies and parents.

Ear Hook of Mask Made in Japan

3-D Shaped Mask

The masks are designed to be gently curved to fit the nose and chin. The 3-D Shaped Masks allow more ventilation and reduce stuffy feeling even after prolong wearing.

The masks have been repeatedly modified and improved from previous designs.

Soft and Gentleness

The masks are made using Gauze of natural fibres, which become soft and fluffy after repeated washing.


You will feel the comfort and gentleness as these materials directly contact your skin.

Reusable Masks - Soft and Comfortable

Manufactured solely at own Factory in Japan

Baby Castle Co., one of a few prestigious domestic companies in Japan, specialises in Layette products including bedding and clothing for infants and babies.

Their specialised staff manufacture the products and perform stringent quality control in the company. They ensure all the procedures of manufacture, including planning, designing, sewing and producing, are performed flawlessly to achieve highest standards worldwide.

Trusted by Japanese Parents since 1970

Baby Castle Co. products are now being sold at more than 120 famous  department stores in Japan (Including Daimaru, Isetan and Takashimaya). Their products are highly graded and are being used in many obstetrics, gynaecology and university hospitals in Japan.

ISO 9001 

First in Baby Products Industries certified with ISO 9001. Recognition for products quality and customer satisfaction, internationally.

Quality Japanese Masks Loved by Many

100% Made in Japan

Safe, Comfort and Reliable

The ear hooks have been manufactured under stringent quality control. The use of elastic materials have been carefully selected to provide comfort. The strength of elasticity allows prolong usage and reduces painfulness on your ears caused by strain.

3D Shaped Mask

Feel the Comfort on Every Moment

The raw materials used to produce these masks are also used to make under garments and clothings for newborn babies. Materials are carefully selected and products are manufactured under stringent quality monitoring to ensure they do not cause any irritation or harm to sensitive baby skin.

Washable and Reusable

As these masks are reusable and washable. You may wash it by washing machine or by hand. Please follows our cleaning and caring instructions.

Masks solely Made in Japan

OUTLAST® Technology

Advanced Technology, OUTLAST®, is being used to regulate temperature control at comfort level on all masks.

More info can be found on

Material that reduce Heat and Humidity in Summer Climate.

Point 1 - Developed for NASA

OUTLAST® was an advanced material developed to regulate temperature control for gloves used by astronauts in outer space. It maintains temperature at comfort level even in extreme outer space environment.

A Material Developed for NASA to Keep the Skin Temperature Comfortably at 31-33 Degree C

Point 2 - Perfect in Hot and in Cold

OUTLAST® Material is good for hot and cold weather, also match with human temperature. It works with Paraffin Wax filled in Micro Capsule with 2-30 Microns.

In HOT Temperature

Micro Capsule - Absorbs and Accumulates Excess Heat


In COLD Temperature

Micro Capsule - Release the Stored Heat



So... Every Breathe is COOL!

Point 3 - Unlikely Wrinkle even After Wash

Since the non-woven OUTLAST® is sandwiched in the middle, it is designed to have moderate tension and to prevent wrinkles even after washing. It is demonstrated that a single layer of gauze can effectively filter out pollen and dust.

Point 4 - Proof of Safe Textile Products

OUTLAST® material is Eco-Friendly and does not contain harmful substances. This is certified by OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100. Please refer to OEKO-TEX website for more details.

As Seen On TV

Baby Castle have been using OUTLAST® material to produce their products. It was introduced on Japanese NHK TV Programme on 6th June 2019.

Outlast Cert 2021.jpg

* Not suitable to be used for kids under 3 years old.

* Comfort and Ideal Temperature varies on different individuals.

* Gauze masks do not completely prevent infection.



 100% cotton (Gauze) - Made in Japan

Outlast® - Made in Germany



100% cotton - Made in Japan

Elastic Ear Hook

Polyester, Polyurethane - Made in Japan


Reusable Face Mask Collection

Our Reusable Face Mask are Suitable for Kids and Adults: